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Fashion has been my great passion for more than 20 years.

At the Academy of Fashion and Costume in Rome I learned to communicate my ideas, to know the materials, styles and history of fashion.

The innate attraction for the market leads me to win a scholarship for the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. The Product Manager course opens my view to a different approach, an approach in which the market and its needs are at the center. Collection briefing, sales data analysis and market positioning are the new tools that build my training and lead me to my first work experiences.

After several years in a Roman company, first in the marketing office, then in the product office, I decide to start my first experience as a consultant with Alice srl.

Moving from work in a company to be consulting studio was an instinctive movement, perhaps more suited to my nature. This new role allows me to use of the skills of observation and analysis to define an always different and personalized approach to the customer. During almost 10 years with Alice srl I have followed the needs of companies helping them in the design of a collection of accessories coordinated with their clothing brand.

Then, after this long time, the consultancy approach changes to follow a new goal: final consumer. The Shopping Stylist, an image consultancy agency, was born to be useful the Roman and international clients linked to the luxury clothing sector.

But, during these last years a necessary reflection arises in me to live the present time coherently.

How is it possible to continue living the passion for fashion and working in this sector when you understand the strongly negative impact that it has on the Planet?

Attention to sustainability in the clothing sector was born for be consistent with a lifestyle choice, to then become competence over time.

I firmly believe that fashion can be sustainable . I believe that we can pass from a linear colture to a sustainable one working on differents sides helping companies to design a sustainable product from the beginning;  showing the consumer that fashion can be fashion without having to be polluting; teaching young people to be activists of the change.

I want to be  part of the change, this is my commitment.


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