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My work as consultant is aimed to help those who produce a linear clothing brand and want to make it more sustainable and circular.

Together we will study a capsule collection that can be coordinated with the brand you already produce. We will choose sustainable materials appropriate to the mood of your product (organic fabrics, from post-consumer recycled material or materials produced from food waste). We will choose labels, tags and sustainable packaging and we will strengthen the company's objectives with green initiatives or in support of ethical projects.

At the same time we will verify the sales context to create the best approach to the market,

making distribution, pricing, communication consistent.

As a consultant I learned to relate to the style office with respect and a collaborative spirit, providing sustainable know-how and leaving the creative choices in the hands of the designer and his staff. The goal is to make the brand maintain its character, its mood, but becoming sustainable.

Those who manage boutiques and multi-brand stores have already understood that the demand for sustainable products is not a passing trend, but a market need that will be increasingly strong in the coming years.

The approach I use to optimize and structure a brand's collection is the same that can be used for retail. In collaboration with the buyer, design a small brand capsule to integrate with the mood and style of the boutique.I will take care of the research of the consistent brands with the store mood. I will take care of the contacts and the most correct visual location in the store( exhibitors and information material) to tell the sustainable project in an effective way within the store.

The capsule collection: step by step

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