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Green is fashion!

The Fashionable green project was born with the idea of ​​acting on various fronts:


consulting to companies


educational projects


direct communication to consumers for the diffusion of brands and green choices


Social media are a primary means of communication to show how sustainable fashion can be.

To make known the brands that are committed to the sustainable field and to change the idea that dressing green is dull, informal and not very elegant.

Introducing new materials and certifications to help consumers in choosing brands that are seriously committed to change.

In fact, nowadays, adjectives such as sustainable and green are often abused and emptied of their true meaning, overshadowed by the disproportionate use of greenwashing.

The ECO-ADVICE are born to show outfits and trends, to give ideas and input to the consumer of sustainable fashion.

The cards on certifications are a way of disseminating more in-depth information and a means of conscious choice.


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